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Food feeds our bodies and our souls. As one of life’s greatest pleasures, it is the centerpiece of family gathering, social events, entertainment and holidays. Yet in these health conscience times, we reluctantly abandoned many of the dishes we loved the most. But Gluten Free will show you how you can proudly and confidently serve them to family and friends once again!

Gluten Free offers a new way of preparing all of our favorite dishes while keeping unwanted Gluten OUT of all your favorite foods. Yet each and every dish retains all of the traditional yumminess and texture our poor deprived taste buds have been yearning for.

You will be offering your family and friends truly delicious meals that will fill them with satisfaction and pleasure.

Second helpings?  

No Problem! Every dish we offer on our Gluten Free Menu, you will no longer have to worry about each morsel that goes into your mouth.

Does this sound too good to be true?
Far from it. We promise you, with Gluten Free
You can have your cake and eat it too!

Each recipe was created by Executive Chef Michele West.  Enjoy!
From our family to yours

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What Clients are Saying

Dear Tiffini,

There are times when all one has to go on is Google and blind faith.  This is exactly how I felt when I called Four Sisters Catering to handle my most recent event.  Since I am in Wichita Falls and really have no idea about caterers in San Antonio, finding you was a straight up blessing!

The event was a vendor appreciation luncheon for about 60 people.  Not only was I extremely pleased with your food quality, client service and a fast turn around but your attention to detail was super!  I had my head wrapped around a simple box lunch because of my budget.  Not only did you suggest a fantastic hot lunch buffet for basically the same price, you were even mindful of the fact it was Good Friday and offered a meatless option as well.  Who knew I could get a yummy cost-effective hot lunch delivered instead of cold cuts, chips and a pickle?

My favorite of our many conversations was when you asked me, "So, really you have never even TASTED our food?"  And my response was Ma'am, I've never even HEARD OF YOU.  I just really hope you are good.

Indeed you are the best kept secret in San Antonio.  Thank you very much for all of your great work.

I will definitely use you again next time around and tell everyone I know in san Antonio that they should too!


Patty Revis
Office of Dr. Christopher J. Revis
310 S. Main Street
Holliday, Tx.  76366