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Welcome to Four Sisters Catering.

Four Sisters Catering is family owned and operated since 1998.  We have been serving San Antonio and the surrounding areas for over 16 years with great success.

We specialize in Mexican Food, Seafood, Italian Food, American Food, Mediterranean Food and Heart Healthy which includes Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic and Gluten Free.  We work hard as a family to produce a fresh product you can depend on and be proud of over and over and... over again!  Everything we create is from scratch, including our salad dressings to the buttery crust of our homemade desserts. (Those are our Mother's Recipes- Chef Michele) See Bio on Executive Chef Michele below.  SCROLL DOWN TO READ MORE!

Each Sister has a unique position within the company to ensure quality excellence. From intimate gatherings to extra large events we take you by the hand every step of the way to ensure every detail is taken care of above and beyond your expectations.

You will always see a family member at one of your events.  If you look good we look good and if you look great we look even better!  


We are looking forward to Catering for you soon!

- The Sisters



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Tanya Yamin Raba-Owner (sister #4)

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What Clients are Saying


The food was AMAZING!!  I told my husband I will never cook another Thanksgiving  meal as long as we're in San Antonio

Thank you so much for making our holiday delicious and stress free!  You'll definitely be hearing from  me again!!


Brandy Blanton